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The Roundtable is an initiative for women to connect and provide feedback on their business efforts in a safe community with the goals of personal growth and professional development.  

This is a community, a council of sorts, that challenges, supports and pushes women to find solutions, discover insights and workshop their ideas.  The focus is business, but  the relationships extend beyond the business card.  Once a month, the Roundtable gathers and two women “workshop” a business initiative for 45 minutes each.  Through focused facilitation and a strategic feedback process, the “workshopper” has effectively escalated her initiative exponentially.  

The members of the Roundtable are female professionals who are kind, smart and generous.  They are diverse in age and diverse in sectors.  The key is to have a council in fields that are varied, because too often we can get siloed in our own bias networks.  So having an outside perspective that is neutral and that can help one think outside the box is invaluable.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is at the table?  
Our members come from all different fields and backgrounds such as: Former Head of Human Relations, Investment Banker, Actor, Yoga Instructor, SVP of Marketing, Partner of a Law Firm, Writer, Artist, Graphic Designer, Policy Expert, Media & Sales SVP, Founders of Fashion Companies, Philanthropist, Board Member of a Public Company….the list goes on.  As you can see, The Roundtable is powerful and diverse.  Our ladies show up to work, to give, to learn and to grow.  

How many people are at each Roundtable?
Powerhouse women are busy.  So to make it worthwhile for the participant to get the quality feedback she needs, we ideally like to have at least 12-18 members in the room for maximum impact and connectivity.

Where do these gatherings take place?
It is our preference to host these in the home with a delicious meal.  It creates a safe and welcoming environment, especially after a long day’s work.  We have also had them offsite at a gallery or studio.

What is the criteria to join?
Roundtable events are by invitation only.  Our members are friendly, bright, and thoughtful.  They have something to give and gain from the community and they genuinely want to show up for their fellow roundtable members. If you would like to be considered for future Roundtable events, please message us through our Contact page.

Are you interested in creating your own Roundtable?  Or would you like Abby to facilitate one for your company or community?  
We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message via the Contact page.