The Badassery is a concept, a mindset, and a community.  I have my own Badassery and so do you!  It is the thoughtful collection of smart, generous, and kind folks in your life that have supported, inspired, and impacted you. They are visionary, determined, courageous and talented.  The Badassery is a concept because it is an intentional act of “shout outs” to the badasses in your life because you want the world to know about them! You want to thank them and express gratitude! And most of all, you want others to be inspired by them just as you have been.

Let’s be honest…. We’ve gotten to where we are because of some combination of Talent, Grit, Hard Work, Brains, Luck and Timing.  But we can't forget our Community of Badasses that had a hand in it as well!  Hundreds, yes hundreds, of people have supported and championed me along my path.  The Badassery is my conscious effort to share their spirit with the world. And I'm so thrilled to be putting the Badassery into action!  “Building a Badass Network through Generosity” is now a workshop that I lead for conferences and communities!

The core of The Badassery is Generosity.  

Once a week I mark my calendar and devote one hour to supporting others.   Maybe I make introductions, or send them ideas, or give feedback on a concept or business plan. It is an intentional meeting in my calendar.  My approach is to not ask for anything in return, but to just listen and brainstorm ways to support them.

What makes someone a badass? And how do you become one?

The formal definition is….Noun: Behaviour, characteristics, or actions regarded as formidably impressive: "few of us can attain her/his level of badassery." But at AbbyRaphel.com, we don’t follow formal definitations….  So our definition of a badass is someone who is smart, kind and generous.  Pretty simple!  

And how do you become a "badass", you ask? If you’re reading this you already are one!  The best way to tap into your badassery (now an adjective) is by owning your superpowers, talents and accomplishments.  Dig deep into self discovery and find the themes that make you stand out.  List ways that you have been generous with others, truly self-lessly.  Start to use the concept #badass in your own communication and you’ll see how quickly the energy embodies you!

The Social Sphere

You’ll notice a lot of us using the #badassery hashtag on social media.  Not only are there #BadassHumans, but also #BadassSpaces and #BadassCommunities.  I’m thrilled to share them with you here at AbbyRaphel.com! Stay connected for more interviews and also longer conversations with the members of The Badassery!